• Make a Jenkinsfile using the template below.

DevelopPipeline(name: "name", module_name: "module_name", idl_names: [], build_all_idl: false, extra_packages: [], kickoff_jobs: [], has_doc_site: true)

This uses the Jenkins shared library with the following parameters


This is the package name of the csc (use an underscore).


This is the namespace path for the package i.e.


This is an array of IDL file names for building the package.


This will build all of the IDL files if true.


An array of strings in the form of “organization/repo_name” to clone and build that are not already included in the develop environment image.


An array of strings of the names of the Jenkins jobs to kickoff before the build is declared done.


Does this package have a doc site? If false, skips the build and upload documentation stage on the CI.

DevelopPipeline(name: "ts_ess_csc", idl_names: ["ESS"] module_name: "", extra_packages: ["lsst-ts/ts_ess_common", "lsst-ts/ts_ess_controller"])
DevelopPipeline(name: "ts-mtmount", module_name: "lsst.ts.mtmount", idl_names: ["MTMount", "MTRotator"])


The Jenkins shared library does not use pip to install packages and any dependencies not included in the develop environment must request to be added to the ts-develop conda package. You can file a JIRA ticket to make this happen.