Documentation Guide#

This topic outlines writing and creating TSSW documentation.

RST Guide#

Use DM’s Restructured Text Style Guide for reference.

Doc Folder Template#

cookiecutter_tssw_csc_doc is a template meant to help start working on documentation for CSCs. The following steps will explain how to use it.

pip install cookiecutter # Install cookiecutter in the virtual environment of the development docker image
cd {csc_root_folder} # change directory into your csc folder
doc [doc]: # The name of the folder where the documentation goes, this option should only be changed if the standard folder name is changed.
csc_name [Barracuda]: # the name of the CSC, affects things like api generation, xml badge location
csc_repo_name [ts_barracuda]: # The name of the repo should include ``ts_`` or ``dm_``, affects things like the badges for JIRA, GitHub and Jenkins

Once those three questions are answered then a brand new doc folder will be added to the CSC. Inside of the files, there are comments that explain how to fill out each section in detail.

Publishing Site#

This functionality is included in the DevelopPipeline for the Jenkins Shared Library.