Documentation Guide#

This topic outlines writing and creating TSSW documentation.

RST Guide#

Use DM’s Restructured Text Style Guide for reference.

Doc Folder Template#

cookiecutter_tssw_csc_doc is a template meant to help start working on documentation for CSCs. The following steps will explain how to use it.

pip install cookiecutter # Install cookiecutter in the virtual environment of the development docker image
cd {csc_root_folder} # change directory into your csc folder
doc [doc]: # The name of the folder where the documentation goes, this option should only be changed if the standard folder name is changed.
csc_name [Barracuda]: # the name of the CSC, affects things like api generation, xml badge location
csc_repo_name [ts_barracuda]: # The name of the repo should include ``ts_`` or ``dm_``, affects things like the badges for JIRA, GitHub and Jenkins

Once those three questions are answered then a brand new doc folder will be added to the CSC. Inside of the files, there are comments that explain how to fill out each section in detail.

The file is a Sphinx configuration file that contains information on Sphinx should build the site as well as any extensions that should be loaded. You can find the template at lsst-ts/cookiecutter_tssw_csc_doc. Documenteer is a tool that provides pre-made Sphinx configurations for 3 different purposes that SQRE provides the project.

  1. pipelines

  2. guide

  3. technote

It also provides several project extensions for the RSP packages. All documentation is available at

The template does not yet provide compatibility with documenteer 1.0 and above. See the Documenteer Configuration section for how to accomplish this.

Publishing Site#

This functionality is included in the DevelopPipeline for the Jenkins Shared Library.

Documenteer Configuration#


The following section is for older doc folders to move the new system provided by documenteer 1.0 and above. In the future, this section will be removed once the doc template is updated.

Create a documenteer.toml file using as reference material. A basic documenteer.toml example is provided below.

# This template contains enough information for documenteer to build

# The title of the index page.
title = ""
# Copyright information displayed on the footer of each page
copyright = "2019-2024 Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. (AURA)"

# pyproject.toml package name, fills out unseen metadata
package = ""
documentation_url_key = "documentation"
github_url_key = "source_code"

extensions = ["sphinx-jsonschema"]

ts-xml = ""
salobj = ""
python = ""

You also need to change first line in to import from the guide config with

from import *